Parents, at least one of whom must be a Catholic, are warmly invited to petition the parish priest for baptism for their child.  They will be asked to undertake a period of preparation to help them make a final decision as to whether this is the right time, or indeed if this is what they want for their child.  The final  decision to baptise remains with the Parish Priest as Custodian of the Sacraments in this area. No child is ever refused  baptism but the Parish Priest reserves the right to defer until a suitable time.  You are welcome to contact the Parish Priest to discuss your needs and the needs of your child with him. 

Sacramental Programme

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated with our year 3 children in Lent.  These children will then make their First Holy Communion in year 4 and will be Confirmed in year 6.  

Parents wishing to prepare their children for these sacraments MUST sign up for the whole schedule of 3 years.  A special ‘Enrolment Sunday’ preceded by a parents’ meeting will take place each year as set out in the Parish Bulletin. 

If a child hasn’t been enrolled by the current "Enrolment Sunday" he/she have to wait until the following year to start the process.


Such is the magnitude of this vocation that this parish expects couples to undertake at least six months (with very extreme exceptions) of supervised preparation with the Parish Priest and a marriage-course coordinator.  

In order to marry in the Catholic church at least one of the couple must be a Catholic and, ideally, should have been Confirmed.

In the first instance, couples are invited to contact the priest to make necessary individual arrangements. 

Details for the marriage course will be advertised in the parish bulletin or via this website.

Christian Initiation

Adults who have never received Baptism are invited to speak with the Parish Priest and undertake a supervised period of formation after which they will be baptised and receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Communion. 

Adults who have been baptised in other Christian denominations (subject to common recognition) cannot be re-baptised but, after a programme of formation, may be formally accepted into the Church and receive First Communion and Confirmation. 

Adults who were baptised as children into the Catholic Church but never received the Sacraments of Holy Communion or Confirmation are invited to speak with the Parish Priest in order to be suitably instructed for the reception of these Sacraments.

The ‘Journey of Faith’ is always tailored to the needs of the individual.  Details may be printed in the bulletin, but individuals are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with the Parish Priest to discuss their situation in strictest confidence.