Weekly Prayer Leaflet



PREGO is a weekly leaflet to help people pray the Sunday Mass Readings.

There is an additional page (PREGO PLUS) providing simple background material on the two Scripture texts.

Prego is produced by St Beuno’s, a retreat centre in Wales which was, at one time, home to the Jesuit poet Gerard Manley-Hopkins. 

To aid spiritual development in adult Catholics they have produced a weekly pamphlet of reflections which are based on the Sunday readings.  The idea is that a person will hear the readings at Mass on Sunday and then refer to their Prego publication throughout the week as a stimulus for personal prayer and reflection.

At the Second Vatican Council the Bishops hoped that the use of a wide variety of texts in the vernacular would stimulate a deeper prayer life and promote a stronger connection between the faithful and the Lord.  It is part of our Christian duty to allow the scriptures to help inform our moral and spiritual life.

This publication offers one way of doing this.